Singapore Mahjong Rules

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Bonus Tiles

The flowers suit and animal suit are bonus tiles which are not used to build hands but instead are used as counters for special bonuses.

Flowers (花牌)

The flowers suit is consists of the Seasons set and the Flowers set. Each Season and Flower is represented by a number, 1 to 4.

The Seasons set consists of 4 tiles, namely (1) Spring/春, (2) Summer/夏, (3) Autumn/秋 and (4) Winter/冬.


The Flowers set also consists of 4 tiles, namely (1) Plum/梅, (2) Orchid/兰, (3) Chrysanthemum/菊 and (4) Bamboo/竹. 


The Seasons and Flowers coincide with the status of the players during each round, eg. if the player is at the East position, he will get one tai [一 台] if he receives (1) Spring or (1) Plum. If another player is at the South position [南风], he will get one tai [一 台] if he has (2) Summer or (2) Orchid. 


Bite [咬] - The player will receive bonus money if he receives both his season and flowers tile, eg if the player is at the (3) West position and he receives (3) Autumn and (3) Chrysanthemum, he will collect bonus money from 3 other players. The bonus money is doubled if he gets both season and flower tiles at the beginning of the game, which is considered hidden or undeclared tiles.

Special Bonus - If a player manages to get one complete suit of Season or Flower tiles (1 to 4), he will receive double bonus money from each of the 3 other players and also gain one extra tai if he can game in that round.

Special Hand - If a player manages to get all 7 or 8 Season/Flower tiles, it is considered a special hand (Refer to special hands section) 

Animal Tiles

The animal suit is unique to Singapore and Malaysia style of mahjong. The animals consists of the Rooster, Centipede, Cat and Rat. The player will gain one tai for each animal that he draws. 


Extra bonus of one additional tai is awarded if a player gets all 4 animals, ie he will get a total of 5 tai and also the bonus money.

Bite [咬] - It is considered a bite if a player gets a set of Rooster[公鸡] and Centipede[蜈蚣] or a set of Cat[猫] and Rat[老鼠]. Bonus money is awarded to the player.

If the player gets the set right from the start, it is called a hidden bite[谙咬] and bonus money is doubled. If he draws the set after the game already starts, it is a declared bite and bonus money is as per normal.