Singapore Mahjong Rules

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Eyes - A pair of similar tiles. All winning hands need eyes to be completed. The player either has the eyes already in his hand, or he is waiting for one.

Kar Long - Kar Long refers to any particular single card the player is waiting to complete his winning hand, eg the player needs 6 Wan when he has 5 and 7 Wan. 3 Tong is also considered a Kar Long if the player has 1 and 2 Tong. A player cannot Hu if he has no tais and is waiting for a Kar Long to complete his winning hand.

Bao - Bao is a situation when the player hit a restricted card to the winner, and he shall be penalised in paying his share (double) as well as for the other 2 players. Certain cards become restricted in some situations, such as:

1. Bao Da - When a player already has 4 or more declared tais, eg 2 animals, 1 flower of his own and 1 declared set of Green Dragon (any card that will contribute in adding more tais will be restricted, eg the Winds and the Dragons)

2. When a player pong 2 sets of Dragons (the third Dragon become restricted)

3. When a player pong 3 sets of Winds (the fourth Wind will be restricted)

4.When a player eat/pong/gong 3 declared sets of the same suit (Wan, Tong or Shuo) (the cards of that particular suit will be considered restricted)

5a. Bao Sheng - When the wall has only 5 available tiles left (last 15 tiles are unavailable except for replacement for flowers), a card that is thrown by any player which leads to a win and is a Sheng card (not found in the common tiles area) will be considered restricted, and the player who throw the card will be bao.

5b. Bao Gong - When the wall has only 7 available tiles left, a Sheng card thrown by any player that leads to a gong will be bao.

5c. When the wall has only 5 available tiles left, a Sheng card thrown by any player that leads to a gong and then subsequently a Zi Mo (the player gongs and self draws his winning tile from the replacement tiles) will be bao.