Singapore Mahjong Rules

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Setting up a Game

4 players sit at the sides of a square table. The 4 winds are put face down on the table and each player picks one. The one who picks east picks his place, then the others will arrange themselves around him in an anti-clockwise order according to the card selected in the order south, west and north.

The one who picks east will also start as dealer. 

Each round consists 4 Winds and 16 games (if there is no Bankers' repeat). The number of rounds to be played should be agreed upon by all players before starting the game.

Rates - In Singapore mahjong, the exponential rate is commonly used. The winning bonus increases by the double, eg $1 for 1 tai, $2 for 2 tai, $4 for 3 tai, $8 for 4 tai and so on.

All players pay double to the winner if he self-draws (Zi Mo) the winning card or he has a special winning hand. Otherwise, only the player who discards the winning tile to the winner will have to pay double.

Dice - Dice are used in mahjong games to determine where to draw the initial 13/14 tiles in each game. The banker always has the right to throw the dice.

2 or 3 dice are used. For 2 dice, the number on the dice thrown by the banker determines which wall to draw the tiles from. The player who owns that wall will throw the dice again and the number shown on the dice this time will be added to the previous number. The total number is the section of the wall where the players draw the tiles. For 3 dice, it is simpler as the number on the dice thrown by the banker already determines which wall and which section (on that wall) to draw the tiles from.