24K Gold Mahjong

24K Gold Mahjong

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 In the box:

- 144 standard tiles (A3 Size)

- 4 animal tiles (A3 Size)

- 4 blank tiles (A3 Size)

- Standard Accessories (3 Dices, 1 wind indicator, plastic chips) 


Tile Material: 24K gold plated plastic tiles

Tile Dimensions: 31mm x 23mm x 16mm (A3 Size)

Weight: 7 kg

This is the ultimate luxury collector's Mahjong set. The exclusive set comes with beautifully crafted 24K gold plated tiles featuring intricate dragon styling. 

The tiles are enclosed in a elegant rosewood case with handle for convenient travel. Tiles and accessories are neatly kept within the 5 layers of case. This is a one of a kind, timeless piece which is as good for display as it is to enjoy elegantly for a game of mahjong. 


Note: Pre- Orders may take 3 weeks or more and is subjected to availability. Please email admin@mahjongstudio.com for further enquiries.

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