Palace Mahjong

Palace Mahjong

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In the box:

- 144 standard tiles (A3 Size)

- 4 animal tiles (A3 Size)

- 4 bai da (blank tiles) (A3 Size)

- Standard Accessories (3 Dices, 1 wind indicator)

Tile Material: Ebony

Box Dimensions:

Tile Dimensions: 31mm x 23mm x 19mm (A3 Size)

Weight: 4.1 kg

This rare collector's Mahjong set comes with beautifully crafted ebony tiles specially inlaid with pearl shell. Ebony is amongst the most beautiful and expensive types of wood. The deep black wood is very dense, thus heavy and hard, excellently processed and durable.

The tiles are enclosed in a special dark brown layered wooden case with handle for convenient travel. Tiles and accessories are neatly kept within the 5 layers of case. This is a timeless piece which is as good for display as it is to enjoy elegantly for a game of mahjong.   


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