Rosewood Mahjong

In the box:

- 144 standard tiles (A1 Size)

- 4 animal tiles (A1 Size)

- 4 blank tiles (A1 Size)

- Standard Accessories (3 Dices, 1 wind indicator, plastic chips)

Tile Material: Rosewood

Box Dimensions:

Exterior : 395mm x 280mm x 55mm

Interior : 375mm x 262mm x 47mm

Tile Dimensions: 37.5mm x 28.5mm x 22.5mm (A1 Size)

Weight: 4.1 kg

This Mahjong set comes with beautifully crafted rosewood tiles which are smooth and natural to touch.The symbols are engraved and colored in brilliant white and yellow. The special wind indicator and dice are also delicately wood crafted.

The tiles are enclosed in sleek compact velour trays and housed in a classic light brown laquered wood case.  It is sturdy with solid built quality. Internally, the whole case is lined with dark brown velours for extra protection of the tiles. The same velours protects the bottom of the external case from damages.

Please Note: There may be colour runoffs on some tiles due to the natural wood grains of the material.

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