Travel Mahjong (Gift Box)

Travel Mahjong (Gift Box)

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In the box:

- 144 standard tiles (Mini size)

- 4 animal tiles (Mini size)

- 4 blank tiles (Mini size)

- Standard Accessories (3 Dices, 1 wind indicator) 

Tile Material: Acrylic

Box Dimensions: 172mm x 155mm x 123mm

Tile Dimensions: 20mm x 14mm x 11mm (Mini size)

Tile Material: Acrylic

 Weight: 2.0 kg


This beautiful mahjong gift box set is decorated with symbolic images of chinese flowers and dragon prints. A gold-coloured latch completes the design. Its outer cover cleverly conceals 5 drawers which conveniently stores all the tiles and accessories. An auspicious great gift for the friends and family. Makes a great collector's item as well as an exquisite decor showpiece.

This small package includes travel sized tiles made of 2-layered plastic. The front side is white. The back side is transparent with glittering gold undercoating.


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