White & Black By M.Studio (Sold Out)

White & Black By M.Studio (Sold Out)

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This Limited Edition Production is Fully Sold Out.

This product has a limited run of production. The exclusive design will not be reproduced once it is sold out.  

In the box:

- 144 standard tiles (A2 Size)

- 4 animal tiles (A2 Size)

- 4 blank tiles (A2 Size)

- Standard Accessories (3 Dices, 1 wind indicator, 4 rulers)

-80 plastic chips

Tile Material: Acrylic

Box Dimensions:  500 mm x 190 mm x 75 mm

Tile Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 20 mm (A2 Size)

 Weight:  5.0 kg

Ultra clean. Ultra sleek. Ultra stylish. White and black by M.studio. 

The specially designed carrying case is made of solid Bubinga wood. This set comes with full immaculate white tiles. The symbols are engraved and coloured in 2 tones of black (grey and black). Internally, the whole case is lined with white velours for extra protection of the tiles. The same velours protects the bottom of the external case from damages.

Sold Out